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Phonics for Kids – Help Your Child Read and Write Better is a resource for parents, caregivers and teachers of young children learning to read.  It contains step by step instruction in Phonemic/sound awareness, knowledge of letter sound relationships and reading easy decodable texts where words can be sounded out.


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Phonics for Kids – Help Your Child Read and Write Better is a resource for parents, caregivers and teachers of young children learning to read.

It contains step by step instruction in:

  •     Phonemic or sound awareness
  •     Knowledge of letter sound relationships known as phonics
  •     Reading easy decodable texts where words can be sounded out and are part of a young child’s vocabulary.

Research shows that early, systematic and explicit teaching of how to hear the sounds in words and how to sound out words is vital in the early stages of learning to read.

This book gives you:

  • A simple step-by-step way to help your children link the way sounds are written in English with the words they hear every day.
  • An outline of phonics, a proven method of teaching reading based on phonetics (the science dealing with speech sounds).
  • A number of texts your child can read from the computer. They can also be printed out and pasted on card.

The method outlined in the book is based on the author’s experience over many years. It can help you to re-enforce the lessons your child gets at school. It will contribute towards your child to improving steadily, step by step. The material is written in a straight-forward way that does not talk down to children.

You will see your child’s spelling and reading improve when you help him or her to do the writing exercises in conjunction with the reading exercises in this ebook. When you follow the lessons set out in this book, your child will learn the simple English words that prepare them to learn more complex ones.

Take your time with each lesson and you will develop their confidence to read English more easily.

There are four important parts to improving your child’s reading and spelling skills:

Phonics: The relationships between letters and sounds.

Fluency: The ability to read quickly and naturally, recognize words automatically, and group words quickly.

Vocabulary knowledge: Remembering new words and what they mean.

Text comprehension: Processing what is being read and developing higher-order thinking skills.

This book will help your child develop all four areas. It contains illustrations because we think in pictures. Pictures make learning more interesting and enjoyable.

The lessons in this book will help your child to learn:

  • The sounds of English and the combinations of letters that represent them.
  • How to blend sounds into words and how to spell them.
  • How to recognize words when they see them.
  • Spelling patterns for English words.
  • To read sentences: Start with simple ones. I provide harder examples later on, but they will have a good grounding in the basics, so it will be easier than you think.
  • Use practice passages that contain the sounds already learned to better remember the material already covered. Encourage your child to write at the same time.
  • Use practice passages to aid fluency (smoothness in speaking). There are many small books available based on phonics in bookshops now.

This Book is intended for:

  • Parents of children with reading difficulties or who just want to give their children extra help or an earlier start than the Education System provides.
  • Adults who need to improve their understanding of English through phonics.
  • Students learning English as a second language.

83 pages

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